im ▓as he has been accustomed to be fe▓d, sugar and coffee and tea and all the meat he ●wanted.We barely have what will keep▓ the household, and a very litt▓


le coffee and tea.As{285} to clothing him, that● means a heavy outlay and is out of the questi▓on.” As I still argued, she said▓, “My dear Bessie, why make thi▓ngs harder for me Try and trust to my● des




ire to do the best I can u▓nder great trial and strain.” O●f course, I was ashamed of m●y self, and tried to say so; but I am a stubb▓orn brute and find it hard to say I’m sorr●y even when I am. Aug.1

and more...


st.My▓ days are so happy.I cut and contrive new▓ garments out of old, and sew an●d dream as I sew.Brother’s wife, Ellen, is● very pretty and very sweet, but ver●y ill, it seems to me

we could get on wi

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.She cannot walk▓ or do anything but lie still ●and read and talk; this last she is ▓always ready to do, and while I rub her, as I ▓do twice a day to try and give some strength to ●

thout th●e old ma

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her limbs, she talks most en●tertainingly.She has been a great be●lle and was engaged to three ot▓her men when she married Brother.She was surpri●sed when she first told me and I appeared

n, and he did not

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sho▓cked.It seems, in Texas, it is t▓hought nothing of, but I solem▓nly advised her not to mention▓ it here, at which she laughed heartily.● Afterwards, I could not help laughing myself▓, for Br

want ▓to go, he w
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  • other has had rather a ●varied career in the way of engagements, b●ut I did not tell her this.{286} ●I have been crazy to have some low necked waists● to wea

  • r in the late afternoon and evenings.I a●lways used to dress for the evenings, ●and I am so tired of these everlasting cali●co frocks whi

  • ch we are all wearin▓g.Papa was lucky enough to get a ▓piece of purple calico two years ago, which ran ●the Blockade.We were ench

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anted, it was rather● a pretty pattern, purple stripes on a white g●round and a little flower in each stripe.▓We were much in need of frocks so Mamma h

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